What we do

what do we offer?


This is the part of the process you just have to get right!

Upfront planning is the most important ingredient in any production workflow… that is… if you want to create killer content.

Our team of Producers will guide you through the pre-production process; this includes budgets, script/storyboard development, sourcing/securing locations, casting, props and costumes.


Our little black book is crammed full of the industry’s finest Directors, DP’s, sound engineers, producers… well everyone! From rising stars to award winning industry stalwarts, we’ve got the right name for the job.

Want a small shoot or even full-scale production?

We gather the perfect crew and equipment for your budget and filming requirements, producing the highest quality content for any screen.


When we’ve wrapped on set, it’s off to the cutting room. This is where the fun begins and stories are brought to life! Our team of experienced editors tinker and craft until they’re happy. At this stage a rough cut will be sent to our client. This is the chance for our client to get involved and have their say. Once everyone has fallen in love with the piece, we move onto colour grading, music composition, VFX, motion graphics, sound design and sound mix.

We will then deliver the perfectly formed final edit in all its glory and in any format or specification that our client desires.

Types of content


No matter what product you are trying to sell, we will apply the creative genius to do it in the right way and make the right noise.


Britax is a British childcare manufacturer. We worked closely with them to create a television ad promoting their Be Free range of products.

Branded Content

Want to give your brand that buzz, that spark? Our creative team will produce content that resonates with your audience, making your brand impossible to ignore.

We worked with the famous camera brand creating short form films to promote their C200 and C700 camera ranges.


Got a story to tell, but don’t know how to tell it? Our team will research, write and craft your perfect story. From page to the screen, your story will be told emotively and cinematically.

Working with StudioCanal and key experts, we created a featurette documentary to be released as an extra on their Blu-ray re-release of their infamous Dambusters movie.

Corporate Content

Let’s be honest, corporate films get a bad rap. BUT why do they have to be boring? The answer is… they don’t, and more importantly they shouldn’t. They should sing like any other piece of content. Our team will make it happen.

We created a five-part short-form social series for SS&C Advent, presenting each episode in an engaging and easily consumed manner.


Our team of in-house animators and VFX artists can bring any visual or concept to life. Even the things that you think are impossible… these wizards can most likely do.


We worked with Supponor to create cut-through simple messaging for a tech-based product.


These days trailers are just as important as the films they promote AND to get them right is crucial. Film is a passion of ours, so we want to show yours in the right light!


Working in close collaboration with Coco Television and Element Pictures, created various trailer edits and TV spots for feature film Traders.

Social Content

Creating content for the big screen and for online are very different propositions. We specialise in shooting specifically for online, keeping in mind platform’s aspect ratios and creating engaging content that connects fast.

We created numerous short form social content pieces for Modern Films to promote the feature film Skate Kitchen.

Behind the Scenes

No matter what product you are trying to sell, we will apply the creative genius to do it in the right way and make the right noise.


Working with the travel technology company Amadeus, we created a series of short ‘behind the scenes’ films, giving an insight into the small businesses that utilised their products, working as a brand awareness campaign.


From the start of the day until the end, we will be there. Filming every moment and capturing unique insights from attendees and participants. We also offer real-time editing so you can post social content the very same day.

Global Bank Citi tasked us with creating content prior to and during a series of events for International Women’s Day 2019.

creative mantra

At our heart, we are all film lovers. We have a passion for storytelling. It’s this passion that drives everything that we do and sparks our creativity.

However, ‘creative’ content isn’t enough on its own. We believe that content has to also be ‘clever.’ ‘Clever content’ ensures your audience are engaged.

It affects change, making your audience do or feel something.

It is content that is delivered with the right tone, look and feel.

AND most importantly it’s content that makes your audience sit up and take notice of your product or the message you are promoting.