Canon presented us with the challenge of promoting their new C200 and C700 camera range. The conventional way of showcasing new cameras is to create demo content, going through each new feature one by one. We didn’t want to follow convention.

We thought, as filmmakers, what would WE want our first glance to be?

Putting the camera in the hands of real filmmakers was the logical solution. BUT not in a test scenario. An authentic shoot, hands on and in the thick of it.

All we needed now was a shoot…
not to mention a crew that were prepared to jump in at the deep end, using equipment not yet on the market.

We scoured our web of contacts and through Producer Matt Wilkinson (Stigma Films), we found the perfect production.

Short film, STUMP, had the perfect balance of enthusiastic crew, proven talent in Writer/Director Tommy Boulding and DOP Laura Bellingham and a passion for trying something new.

Seeing the cameras used in such a vibrant and fast-paced setting really placed them centre-stage without overtly selling the product. The ergonomics, settings and compatibility were all showcased in the field, all by the same people that ultimately Canon want to buy, rent and use the product.

We created three pieces of content. Not only did we want to show the capabilities of the cameras by placing them in the hands of filmmakers, we wanted to compliment this by the look and feel of the content when watched by consumers.

The short film (which completed an acclaimed festival run) demonstrated the cameras beautiful colour rendition and stunning low-light capabilities, all features our BAFTA award nominated colourists enjoyed pushing to the limits.

‘Behind the Scenes’ was an in depth look into the filmmaking process and what can be achieved on a tight budget when using the right equipment.

‘Shooting the Behind the Scenes’ was a glimpse into making a film about a film (an inception of filmmaking). There were essentially two film units. One shooting the short and the other shooting Canon’s content. This content demonstrated the ‘run and gun’ capabilities of Canon’s C200, which they were marketing as a B camera. Smaller and more nimble.

Putting these new cameras in the hands of real life talent was refreshing and a whole new spin on how to cleverly show-off a new product.

Giving inquisitive filmmakers a new toy and saying: “What can you make with this?…” is engaging, different and really connects with fellow film industry professionals and to those whom aspire as such.

Seeing what these filmmakers produced and following them every step of the way was rewarding and inspiring in equal measures.

We delivered content that Canon were proud of, content that really struck a chord with their audience and content that hopefully will spur on the next generation of filmmakers.

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