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With our unique storytelling skillset, we enable our clients to overcome their communication challenges. We don’t just reach our audience… we engage with them.

We collaborate, we develop, we create, we connect… WE GET IT.

We tell great stories.
This is our passion.
This is what we do.

We believe in questions, collaboration and creativity.

It’s a given (or should be) that most production companies create great content. We do too.
BUT… Is that enough?

At Edicis we don’t think so.

We don’t just bring production expertise. We have expertise in audiences, channels, communication objectives, KPIs and how to drive behavioural change.

And all of this because…

There’s no point creating great looking content if your target audience don’t see it or engage with it.

When we talk about strategy, it could suggest an endless barrage of data, theory and analytics.
We think about it a little differently and promote a softer approach, an approach that is clear on the objectives of content, what it is you want to achieve and is it a good idea? You have to know who you’re engaging with and what your goals are. If you can tick all of these boxes your content will stretch further than you ever thought possible.

We work with these guys


our values

Inquisitive nature

We believe we can only deliver excellence for our clients by constantly asking WHY?, constantly digging deeper and insisting on finding out more about our audience and what changes their world.

Adventurous Spirit

We believe that our clients demand the unexpected. That is why we ALWAYS push the comfortable and push the familiar, until they become a little less comfortable, a little less familiar and a lot more likely to light a spark.


We believe that compelling ideas, entrancing narratives and creative magic are nothing without the determination to see them through to the end, with the willingness to work as a team with our clients to make things happen.